Saturday, 15 March 2014

I love Hooping! Beginners lessons with Stakatto Blue

I've mentioned my hoop before, but not for a while... although I still enjoy hooping (and went to a few tricks classes) I realised I was missing the foundations to build up my skills - how to stop the hoop falling down. Opps!

Kat from Stakatto Blue was advertising beginners lessons so I signed up and magically found a friend or two to join me :) Kat is a wee firecracker, her enthuasium is contagous and she always seems to have a big grin on her face. You get a hoop included with the class so I went for a travel hoop - it's abit lighter than my other hoop, so better for tricks.... but harder at first for waist hooping.

There is ALOT crammed in to each lesson and she does a video recap at the end of each lesson to take home. I can't wait for more park weather, the joy when it's light when you finish work.  There is so much in each lesson I really need to practise it as I go to fulfil my dream of being able to hoop dance. There is so much scope, I've seen people doing amazing stuff just dancing while hooping, while others manipulate the hoop. The options are endless.

Here are a few of my fave hoop dance vids on youtube -

Are there any hoop dancers you really admire? I would love to hear any recommendations.

Barnicles xx

I'm posting more on my facebook now - so if your interested in my adventures and random inspiration links come say hi :)

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Adventures at glastonbury festival

Everning world, Barnicles is back in scotland after an adventure to Glastonbury Festival.

Much freedom, great music and fun was found. Highlights would be relaxing in a non judgemental atmosphere - where acceptance and friendly faces were everywhere and spreading the poi poi word and teaching the kids to poi! I bought some glow poi on the thursday night which were great fun - watching random kids play with them watching the pyramid stage was amazing.

We bumped into a big family who had all ages with them and cousins and nieces and nephew - a few adults too but that was a very cool crew! so lucky to explore Glastonbury festival so young. The wee kids kept getting the poi poi stolen by their older sisters/cousins so I had to step in and give them one each. There was another wee girl who was too shy to play at first - after a while she camp up and poked me asking for a go :)

This is me preparing for a day out. I'm not sure if my outfits were crazy enough but I kept adding glitter and my eyemakeup grew over my face as the nights continued :) My new tutu was finished in time and I was seen wearing one or two homemade flower crowns at all times!

It was also great to see Fairylove, Rosa Bloom and Miss Katie Cupcake there and lots more indepentent boutiques!

I haven't even mentioned the music - Amanda Palmer was my favourite - great friends with me and a friends 11yr old daughter danced with one poi the whole way through in a punk dress! rad times :) Mumford and sons were great, PIL, Public enemy, the egg, the resonators - my friends band and more.

I'm home, rested, preparing to face the world again and create the future. Spent today getting used to bloglovin after the death of google reader. What are you viewing blogs on at the moment?

Lots of hippy love

Friday, 26 April 2013

I moved...

I moved to a new world and it's busy. I have two flates now instead of one and I'm socialising more than ever (and exercising too). I'm happy but its busy and tiring commuting during the week. My poor herb seeds have yet to be planted. There's alot of aussie rules footy but I have a lovely craft room I can retreat to if needed.

I think I look like a Mary in the photo above, it is one of my real names so I may try it out. Totally loving my new sunglasses.

Busy busy Barnybee xx

Listening to - Nina Nesbit - stay out and P!nk - just give me a reason 

Monday, 15 April 2013

I Love Aerial Yoga

I have recently discovered aerial yoga and fallen in love with it! It makes exercise fun and has such a calming effect, a fellow student commented how she feels she's had an all over massage afterwards. Is it exercise - yes! Do my muscles shake when planking? yes! It is relaxing- yes! Aerial yoga photos cutesy of Angela - Cloud 9 Yoga.

I think I'm quite lucky I found an amazing teacher whose teaching style suits me so well. In my first session the other students were so friendly and there were plenty of giggles. I went on my own after finding out about the class through facebook. I have hardly any yoga knowledge, don't go to the gym often enough and I am more likely to play with my hula hoop or poi poi. In my first session I tried everything the others had been doing for a few months, flying, inversions etc. Perhaps with bad posture and for not as long but I found it very accessable for a beginner.

I was really surprised how much fits into an hour. The sessions are broken down relaxation and breathing, stretches, flying, inversions and relaxation in your hammock to finish. Each session is slightly different which keeps it interesting. Sometimes it feels like a hammock, sometimes a trapeze, the options for experimentation on an aerial yoga hammock are endless! I want one at home now.

You may have noticed Pink using aerial silks in some of her performance pieces. Youtube will bring up examples and interviews - I love how she describes herself as a live artist, who doesn't record as well and says that singing upside down is actually easier for her. Silks are slightly different to hammocks and alot longer/higher but some of the moves are similar.

Me yesterday hanging out, you can go upload down from this move ... which is of course what I did next. I don't like interrupting the flow of the class to ask for pics but I'm happy just to get one! I have noticed a definite change in my body since I started Aerial Yoga... however it also coincided with my move to glasgow and a other change so I can't define wheither my weight loss was purely yoga. I can however blame being able to touch my toes, sometimes with my entire palms on my yoga teacher Angela, what next I ask? Bring it on.

 I encourage you to try if you have the oportunity, many places offer taster sessions and it's pretty much worldwide now although I am lucky to live in a city. If you have any questions just ask in the comments or email me. This post isn't sponsored I just fell in love and have so much fun.

Barnicles x

Monday, 8 April 2013

Barnicles daily blog reads

Which blogs do you check to cheer yourself up, your 'go-to' reads when you have time, your addiction where you wish for a new update to get a taste of new writing or pictures?

Here's my check list - please share your top 5 reads too and I'll be sure to check them out.

My daily blog reads change over time, sometimes they are foody, crafty and sometimes they are family blogs.

1. Ashley Ann - Under the Sycamore

2. Girls Gone Child

3. lil boo blue

4. The Anderson Crew

5. A Beautiful Mess

me in my new craft room - a work in progress- sorry about the mess!

Barnicles x

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Moorea Seal wishlist

I have been a fan of Moorea Seal for years and reading her blog. All blogs develop over time, but I think Moorea has outdone herself with the photography, graphics and content of her blog recently.  It's clean, professional and inviting. 

Here are a few of my favourite Moorea Seal designs.

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, (aside from my facial piercings) as I think they are quite statement and too much other jewelry can look overdone and I prefer a more subtle understated look like the examples above. I miss having bright hair but that was another distraction and I think being dark again I can get away with more. I really want a body harness but a very simple one like shown above. I may have to give in and buy on payday or make my own! I love quartz and leather and the earthy natural qualities to Moorea's collection. 

Barnicles x

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Gran's tatting board

I am very lucky to have had two amazing grandmothers. I'm sad there is such a large age-gap as there is so much I could learn from them. RIP granny in America, an amazing dressmaker and card player. She knew how to host a good cocktail party and my barbies were the best dressed in town!

This is post is about my other Grandmother and I wanted to share her textiles work, hope you enjoy.

My dad's mother is amazing at textiles, taught me to knit, crochet, weave at a young age and as I have matured I have thrown myself into textiles again. If i had to define my creativity I guess textiles would sum it up, although I love constructed textiles too. I'm dreaming of a lace tatted dress. What do you think?

I got a new htc one + phone and I've been trying out the camera. I love my dlsr but as I mentioned in my last post instant blogging I prefer to blog what's on my mind, and if that means phone pics then at least I'm sharing. There is a queue of dslr pics to post, my new desk setup is awesome though so I'm hoping to be more productive!

This is my Gran's tatting board that she used to show examples when teaching tatting! I'm SO impressed. She gave it to me last time I visited. It's amazing. Tatting is just another string craft, like fish nets or friendships bracelets. A series of knots and picots to create a pattern. Concentration is the biggest challenge to get the pattern right. As it's knots it's not as easy to frog (unravel) as knit or crochet.

I know it's not a skill with large financial gain however it is an interesting skill that I believe should live on. I'm looking into teaching workshops, which would be aimed at customizing  and making personal projects. I have a beautiful waistcoat (of course from my Gran) with tatting edge. While it is intricate and detailed, tatting can be used in big scale, just as knit.

Hope you enjoyed these photos, I posted one on instagram and had imediate interest.
I can't wait to build up and share MY example board ;)

Keep calm and craft on!

Barnicles x
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